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Chinese Medicine
Normalization And Optimization – The Essence Of Chinese Medicine Normalization And Optimization – The Ess…
Category:Chinese Medicine
“The top doctor treats hidden diseases.” This famous Chinese saying sets the standard for prioritizing a doctor’s medical skills. A good Chinese medicine doctor can identify a person’s health condition before the individual feels ill;      More...
The History Of Chinese Medicine The History Of Chinese Medicine
Category:Chinese Medicine
Chinese medicine has been practiced for about 5,000 years, but it was not until about 2,500 years ago that the theory of Chinese medicine began to emerge, with the appearance of the masterpiece The Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Internal Medicine.      More...
Body Energy
“Qi” And Energy “Qi” And Energy
Category:Body Energy
Life is all about energy. Without energy, there is no life. The world is run by energy, and so is our human body.      More...
The Body’s Energy Pathways – Jingluos The Body’s Energy Pathways – Jingluos
Category:Body Energy
There are twelve main meridians (Jings). Each one belongs to one of the organs, namely: the heart, pericardium (a double-walled sac that contains the heart and the roots of the great vessels), lungs, stomach, spleen, kidneys, liver, large intestine, small intestine, bladder, gall bladder, and SanJiao. In Chinese medicine, Sanjiao is the container for all the organs.      More...
Acupuncture Points
What Are Acupuncture Points What Are Acupuncture Points
Category:Acupuncture Points
Acupuncture points are the responsive points or sensitive points on the meridians and other parts of the body. These sensitive points are called “Shuxue” or ”Xuewei” in Chinese Medicine, meaning ‘the transmitting points’. They are the special locations where energy is transmitted between the inner structures and the surface of the body.      More...
How To Find An Acupuncture Point How To Find An Acupuncture Point
Category:Acupuncture Points
To locate an acupuncture point, we use a reference point and a distance. The reference point is a known location on the body, such as ‘the tip of the nose’, ‘the highest point of the ankle bone’ etc. The distance is measured by your own hand. The unit is ‘Cun’ (see below).      More...
Therapy Treatments
Strengthening Immunity Strengthening Immunity
Category:Therapy Treatments
There many acupuncture points on our body can be used for strengthening the immune ability, the most important well-being points are Zu-san-li (ST 36) and Hu-gu points (LI 4)      More...
Weight Control Therapy Weight Control Therapy
Category:Therapy Treatments
1) Improve the stomach functions to digest food better Press and massage the Tian-shu points and the Zhong-wan point for 3 minutes each between half an hour and one hour after dinner every day. Also massage the lower abdomen (clock wise) for 3 minutes.       More...
Healthy Eating
Eat Right For Your Blood Type Eat Right For Your Blood Type
Category:Healthy Eating
According to Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, N.D, author of ‘Eat Right For Your Type’, a chemical reaction occurs between your blood and the foods you eat. The table below is constructed based on Dr. Michael Lam, MD’s recommendation      More...
Eat Right For Your Body Type Eat Right For Your Body Type
Category:Healthy Eating
There are so many books and publications out there today that try to tell you what foods are nutritious and what ones are not. But not too many people talk about the nature of the foods and how well they fit different individuals.      More...
Healthy living
Sleep Right Sleep Right
Category:Healthy living
We are living in a body type as old as it was thousands years ago, as old as when our daily activities were oriented by the sun movements, getting up when the sun rises, going to sleep after sundown.      More...
Foot Bath Foot Bath
Category:Healthy living
There are six meridians starting from or ending at each foot, and all their primary acupuncture points are below the ankles. Foot bathing can active the original energy within the meridians by warming up the primary points and freeing up the energy and blood inside the Jingluos from bottom to top. You’ll find yourself sweating after a while.      More...
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