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“Qi” And Energy

Life is all about energy. Without energy, there is no life. The world is run by energy, and so is our human body.

There are two types of crucial flows circulating inside our body. They are energy and blood. In Chinese medicine, the energy flow is called “Qi” (pronounced  “chi”). We all know how important blood is, it is the fluid of life, but energy is the driving force. Each individual human body is an active energy field. That energy flows  to reach every part of the body to support human life. The pathways that energy circulates through are called Jingluos. They are so vital that they decide how well we live, and in the end, they decide both life and death.

You see, when energy flows though Jingluos without obstacles, each part of the body gets just the right amount of energy to work well. The heart gets energy to pump enough blood into our vessels; the brain gets the right amount of energy to command muscles and organs to finish their jobs properly; and our bones are strong because of a sufficient energy supply. Our body is in a state of harmony. We are in our optimal health condition with this harmony.

When the pathways start to clog, the energy flow slows down. The energy cannot be transported to its destinations in time nor in a sufficient amount. Our body parts can’t work properly. We don’t have enough energy and motivation to be active. The whole body doesn’t feel well and becomes very susceptible to disease. Without an adequate amount of energy and blood, our organs and body parts start to deteriorate. This is when our health starts to compromise and when we have to act to improve our physical conditions, it is not too late yet.

As more and more Jingluos are blocked, more and more body parts cannot obtain enough energy and blood. One under working or failed body part will affect others, create more blockages, and result in more under-working or failed body parts. Less and less energy is generated, and less and less fresh blood runs through the body. The vicious circle hence continues until there is no energy being transported at all. That is the end of life.

Knowing how the energy works and circulates in our body, our task is now very clear: in order to achieve good health and longevity, I should do things that can keep the energy flow fluently and sufficiently in the body, refuse the food and behavior that will clog the energy circulation.

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