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Chinese Medicine  

Normalization And Optimization – The Essence Of Chinese Medicine

“The top doctor treats hidden diseases.” This famous Chinese saying sets the standard for prioritizing a doctor’s medical skills. A good Chinese medicine doctor can identify a person’s health condition before the individual feels ill; the doctor can catch the smallest signs and determine what has gone wrong and where in the body, treating it before it becomes more serious.
We get sick when certain body parts do not function normally. By finding out which parts are not functioning and why, we can focus on a treatment that normalizes those parts. Simply getting rid of the symptoms is like covering them with a lid; they will show up again later at a greater magnitude.
Chinese medicine normalizes the functions of organs and body parts to treat diseases. In Chinese medicine, the human body is a harmonious system in which every organ and body part has its own function. They are all interconnected with one another. One under-working or failed part affects the others, causing more problems. Therefore, the goal is to keep all body parts in their optimum conditions. Optimizing their functions promotes good health and longevity.
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