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Chinese Medicine  

The History Of Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has been practiced for about 5,000 years, but it was not until about 2,500 years ago that the theory of Chinese medicine began to emerge, with the appearance of the masterpiece 'The Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Internal Medicine'.

'The Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Internal Medicine ' is a record of the conversation between the Yellow Emperor and his top advisors. They discuss not only physiology, pathology, and the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, but also astronomy, geology, and philosophy. The Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Internal Medicine states that everything that exists is related; it is not possible to draw accurate conclusions by isolating one subject.

Several famous masterpieces have had a significant influence on Chinese medicine, including 'Classic of Questioning', which was published around the same time as 'The Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Internal Medicine'. 'Classic of Questioning' talks about fundamental Chinese medicine theory and disease treatments using 81 questions and answers.

In addition, 'Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases and Miscellaneous Diseases' was a great diagnosis book on diseases. This book was later reorganized into the famous 'Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases'.

Furthermore, 'Sheng Nong’s Herbal Classic', which was also published around the same time as 'The Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Internal Medicine', is the earliest pharmacology book in Chinese history and was used as a medicine textbook for a very long time.

More than one thousand years later, medical books such as 'The Pulse Classic and Invaluable Prescriptions for Ready Reference' played key roles in the development of Chinese medicine.

The most important and famous herb medicine book is, of course, 'Bencao Gangmu (Compendium of Materia Medica)', written by Dr. Li Shizhen during the Ming Dynasty more than 430 years ago. Li Shizhen spent more than 30 years collecting substances and information, researching and practicing medicine, and then put his experiences and knowledge into this magnificent masterpiece, which remained the pharmaceutical materia medica of China until about 50 years ago.

Many other medical works have emerged throughout the history of Chinese medicine. These works and the people who created them made significant contributions to the medical world, thereby increasingly developing traditional Chinese medicine and helping more and more people in the world achieve good health though natural ways.

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