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Eat Right For Your Body Type

There are so many books and publications out there today that try to tell you what foods are nutritious and what ones are not. But not too many people talk about the nature of the foods and how well they fit different individuals.

Even good and nutritious food is not necessarily always good for you if you don’t understand your body type or the nature of the food. Different people have different body types. Some people belong to the hot type, some belong to the cold type, some are in between.

Foods also have different characters, hot, cold, warm, in between.

How do we know what our body types are?

In Chinese Medicine, the type of body can be complicated, but there are some general guidelines we can use here to make sense of our own bodies.  If you have more ‘yes’ then ‘no’ answers to the following 11 statement, your body is a hotter type. Otherwise you have a colder type of body:

1) You always like to drink cold drinks even in winter.

2) The tongue is a dark red color.

3) Talk fast and clearly.

4) Have plenty of saliva.

5) Always have warm hands.

6)  Cheeks are reddish.

7) Often open eyes widely unintentionally.

8) Normal body temperature is above 97.3 degree Fahrenheit.

9) It’s not easy to sit still, like to shift body left and right.

10) Smaller body frame and appears to have less weight then actual weight.

11) Muscles on the lower legs are looser, easy to pinch.

How do we know the real nature of foods?

There are many references and books give this information, you have to check for each particular food you are interested in for its nature.

We list below some foods with their characters as an example:

Normal natured foods:

Rice, corn, sweet potato, sesame, soy bean, red small bean, black bean; pork, milk, yogurt, scallop, salmon, trout, sea cucumber; plum, pine apple, sunflower seed, peanut, hazel nut, chestnut; wild yam, carrot, potato, mushroom; soy milk, peanut oil, soy bean oil,.

Warm natured foods:

Black Rice, sticky rice, broomcorn; beef, lamb, chicken, shrimp; peach, apricot, date, lemon, walnut, papaya, pine tree seed, cherries; green onion, onion, garlic, pumpkin; ginger, brown sugar, coffee.

Hot natured foods:

Hot pepper, black pepper.

Cool natured foods:

Millet, wheat, mung bean; frog meat; apples, pears, oranges, strawberries, mangos; tomatoes, celery, eggplant, spinach, tofu; green tea, honey, ginseng.

Cold natured foods:

Duck, horse meat, crab, octopus, oyster; persimmon, grapefruit, banana, watermelon, kiwifruit; soy sauce.

A hot body type person should not eat too much hot-natured food. If you do, combine with some cold-natured food to bring down the hotness. A cold type body person, should not eat too much cold-natured food; combine with some hot-natured food if you do.

Normal natured foods can be eaten all the time. Eat less warm natured food during summer. Cool natured food can be eaten often in the summer and combined with some warm natured foods in other seasons. Eat as little as possible of cold natured foods, but when you do, add some hot natured food like hot pepper or ginger.

A person’s body type can change because of change in life style, the aging process, sickness, or other expected or unexpected factors. No matter what, always keep in mind that a warmer body moves energy and blood better, and a warmer body runs the metabolism more efficiently. Generally, a warmer body means a healthier body.

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