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Healthy living  
Sleep Right Sleep Right
Category:Healthy living
We are living in a body type as old as it was thousands years ago, as old as when our daily activities were oriented by the sun movements, getting up when the sun rises, going to sleep after sundown.      More...
Foot Bath Foot Bath
Category:Healthy living
There are six meridians starting from or ending at each foot, and all their primary acupuncture points are below the ankles. Foot bathing can active the original energy within the meridians by warming up the primary points and freeing up the energy and blood inside the Jingluos from bottom to top. You’ll find yourself sweating after a while.      More...
Foot Reflexology Therapy Foot Reflexology Therapy
Category:Healthy living
Foot reflection therapy is a process of normalizing organ functions by treating the corresponding reflection areas on the feet. The most common types of foot reflection therapy are foot massage and foot bath.      More...
Knocking The Gallbladder Meridians Knocking The Gallbladder Meridians
Category:Healthy living
The benefit of knocking these meridians is tremendous. First, the gallbladder and liver are connected, so when we stimulate the gallbladder, it consequently stimulates the liver to secrete bile which is the substance that dissolves fats and cholesterol in the food we eat. This process greatly improves the body’s digestion and absorption.      More...
Abdomen Pushing Abdomen Pushing
Category:Healthy living
Abdomen pushing, is a terrific way to clean up three types of waste in the body: dirty air, dirty water, and old feces. A clean environment does not attract bacteria which causes disease.      More...
Abdomen Breathing Abdomen Breathing
Category:Healthy living
This is a fantastic way to boost your energy level and increase your metabolism.      More...
Massage The Pericardium Meridians Massage The Pericardium Meridians
Category:Healthy living
Anyone who is over 35 should massage the pericardium meridians (see the meridian diagrams section). It can keep your heart healthy and is a life-saving action. You might not have a heart problem right now, and that’s wonderful. If you regularly massage the pericardium meridians, you can stay that way.      More...
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