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Sleep Right

We are living in a body type as old as it was thousands years ago, as old as when our daily activities were oriented by the sun movements, getting up when the sun rises, going to sleep after sundown. Our body is built to consume and regenerate energy and blood based on this kind of use. The best time for our body to regenerate energy, blood, human growth hormone, and other vital elements is after 11 o’clock at night during deep sleep. If you always stay up late, overuse your body and do not to give it enough time to rest, your body will not generate the energy and blood for you to stay healthy. After a while, like a machine that is overused, the body will malfunction. If no maintenance is given, it will give up eventually and stop running.

Thus, it only makes sense to have the habit of going to bed early (around 10 pm) and get up early. In that way, you can fully recharge the body every day, and stay energetic all day long.

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