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Therapy Treatments  
Strengthening Immunity Strengthening Immunity
Category:Therapy Treatments
There many acupuncture points on our body can be used for strengthening the immune ability, the most important well-being points are Zu-san-li (ST 36) and Hu-gu points (LI 4)      More...
Weight Control Therapy Weight Control Therapy
Category:Therapy Treatments
1) Improve the stomach functions to digest food better Press and massage the Tian-shu points and the Zhong-wan point for 3 minutes each between half an hour and one hour after dinner every day. Also massage the lower abdomen (clock wise) for 3 minutes.       More...
Common Cold Common Cold
Category:Therapy Treatments
Massage the Feng-fu point and Feng-chi points for 3 to 5 minutes each. The Feng-fu point is on the center line of the neck on the back, the recess 1 Cun above the hairline is this point to massage (Figure 4-1). Keep this area warm even when you’re not working on it.      More...
Cough Cough
Category:Therapy Treatments
The lung meridians are the best cough medicines. If you get a cough easily, massaging the lung meridians should be a regular activity. In addition, all the acupuncture points on the lung meridians are good for easing a cough.      More...
Headache Headache
Category:Therapy Treatments
Massage the Tai-yang points. There are two of them, each located between the end of the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye and 1 Cun further from the end of the eye (Figure 4-22). Gently massage these points for several minutes or until you feel better.      More...
Constipation Constipation
Category:Therapy Treatments
Massage each of the Tian-shu points (Figure 3-12) for 3 minutes before bed and before getting up in the morning followed by massaging the lower abdomen for 2 to 3 minutes using both hands (clockwise). Doing so can increase the peristaltic movement of the large intestine and break up the feces inside for easier excretion. This is a very effective way to relieve constipation.      More...
Breast Care Breast Care
Category:Therapy Treatments
Press and massage the Tan-zhong point 3 minutes every day. This point is the mid- point between the center of the breasts (or the mid- point between the two nipples) (Figure 3-45). This point can also soothe uneasy feelings and make the breasts look even and fuller. When massaging this point, do it in a clockwise direction or rub it downwardly.      More...
Beauty Beauty
Category:Therapy Treatments
We all want to keep a youthful looking face for as long as we can. As we get older, the color of the face become dull and the youthful glow start to fade, wrinkles appear here and there, eye bags start to appear, face muscles loosen and there is less shine in the eyes. Even the most expensive cosmetics can not stop the process from happening.      More...
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