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Strengthening Immunity

There many acupuncture points on our body can be used for strengthening the immune ability, the most important well-being points are Zu-san-li (ST 36) and Hu-gu points (LI  4)

1) Zu-san-li (ST 36, Stomach meridian) point is said the number one wellbeing acupuncture point: each is on the outer front side of the lower leg, measuring 3 Cuns down from the bottom of the patella (knee cap) and right behind the tibia on the outer side as illustrated.

Zu-san-li (ST 36)

These pair of points have many responsibilities and can be extremely beneficial to your health if massaged regularly. First, it helps the peristaltic movement of the stomach and enhances the digestive function. Second, it regulates the heart. rate and increases blood cells. Third, it helps the adrenal glands to work properly. So, every day 5 to 10 minutes of massage (repetitive pressing and releasing) will keep you strong and slow your aging process. It is the No. 1 choice for treating all stomach problems. It also lowers the blood sugar level. It is better to use some force when massaging the Zu-san-li point. Some times you can use some simple tools such as a pencil or a wooden rod to help to increase the pressure. Remember, the forces you use for the massage should never exceed your comfort level, when you have a swelling sore kind of feeling, that means you are on the right spot.

2) Hu-gu points (LI  4, Large intestine meridian) . Each is between the thumb and the index finger on the back of the hand. When you close these two fingers, the highest point is the He-gu point .

He-gu point ( LI 4)

Regularly pressing on the He-gu points can effectively prevent and cure the common cold, and increase overall immunity. The He-gu point is also an excellent painkiller and very effective for toothache, headache, and sore throat. He-gu points can relieve constipation as well, keep pressing on these points for a minute or two when you are using the toilet, you will know when it’s working.

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